Kingston upon Thames
Round Table & Rotary Club
Fireworks Display 2021

The firework display at Kingsmeadow Stadium - KT1 3PB on Friday 5th November 2021 has been postponed until November 4th 2022

It is with great sadness that we must announce there will be no official firework display at Kingsmeadow in 2021. The Kingston Firework Display is organised by Kingston Round Table & Rotary Clubs, relying totally on the support of volunteers, not only is it a spectacular community event but it is also a key fund raising event for local Kingston charities

Given the current rules related to mass gatherings, we do not think it is safe or responsible to create such a large crowd during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Through the firework event last year we were able to raise more than £20,000 towards small charities and groups in the Kingston area. All of these groups have been essential in Kingston's community response to Covid-19, supporting the most vulnerable people in our community. Below is a list of some of the groups that received money from the last event

Please consider donating the price of a ticket (£6) or more to our Just Giving page for us to distribute to local organisations & charities. Your generous donation will help them continue their vital work of supporting local vulnerable people. Please click the button below to donate:-

• St John Ambulance - providing voluntary medical assistance

• Kingston Vineyard (Growbaby) - supporting Kingston families with baby supplies

• Kingston Samaritans - providing emotional support

• Kingston Foodbank - helping local people in crisis

• Save the World Club - delivering food to those in Kingston in need

• Voices of Hope - preparing meals & running the Kingston Food Hub

• Doing a Bit - preparing meals for NHS staff, community carers & the vulnerable

We plan to be back on Friday 4th November 2022, if not before!

We are currently thinking about whether it is possible to have an event early next year. If you would like to be kept up to date on the firework event or other fundraising activity then please email with the subject "PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED" or follow our Facebook and Twitter pages:

Twitter - Kingston Fireworks and Facebook - Kingston Fireworks
Twitter - Kingston Round Table or Twitter - Kingston Rotary

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